Band Members

Dian Harun


Dian is a singer, songwriter, musician, and performer. She has played many venues, events, and curated shows around Singapore since 2015. This includes music festivals such as BeerFest, Art Box, and St. Pat's Street Festival. She carries a deep passion for the music she writes and performs with her go-to instruments being her voice, her ukulele, and her heartstrings.

Her band, Firefly Search Party, has been featured on multiple digital media sites and playlists, both nationally and internationally, and is developing a loyal audience.

Nathan Frye


Nathan has been playing guitar and singing for over 15 years. His passion for music as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and listener is endless. He has played in many bands, in many countries, and in front of many different audiences over the years.

Nathan forms the other half of FSP's core with his partner in music and life, Dian Harun. Some of Nathan's strengths are his unique arrangements, percussive guitar play, and ability to take lead or backup on vocals.


Our Frequent Collaborators